9 commentaires sur “Create a Chart with Chart.JS and EF6 (Updated)

    • Hi vajrayanu. The ChartJs have evolved to Version 2 since I wrote this article, and isn’t working anymore with the code that was writen here. I updated this article in order to take he ChartJs V2 Library into account. Thanks for your comment, and for your feedback.

  1. Dear
    I changed the « for » statement to « $ .ecah » because it does not assign the items of the variable « data ».

    $.each(data, function (i, item) {

    • Hi Amed, thanks for your comment. I kept using plain Javascript because I didn’t want to get the reader lost with too much JSON, but your solution works also well. I don’t know why the solution given in my article does not work for you.
      Best regards.

  2. Hi Thierry,
    Would display a picture of the full final version of your Home/Index code and the scripts within it. I’ve attempted to use your steps but i am currently not pulling any data through so i assume i must be missing something. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks


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